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Shantala Therapy

Through educational classes at home (or other children's environments), we aim to teach parents a massage practice that will improve the bond with their child and, also, bring many other benefits that will impact the improvement of a family’s quality of life.

The importance of touch

 "It is through our hands that we speak to the child. That we communicate. Touch is the child's first language, understanding comes long after feeling." - Frederick Leboyer
Touch is the first sense developed by the baby, early in pregnancy. Inside the womb, they are involved by amniotic fluid, and the movements mommy does in her belly get to the baby through it, making them getting used to being touched! The touch is essential for the baby's development, not only physically but emotionally too, and is through it that they feel loved, cared for and how they start to build their trust.
Shantala is a specific baby massage practice that doesn't only focus on these benefits, but also on the relationship between mother/father/siblings and baby. It is a tool that is used to not only reap the many physical benefits of touch, but also to understand your child, bond, and connect with them through touch.
Baby receiving massage
Benefits can include
  •  Reinforcement of the bond between mom and baby

  •  Improvement of quality of sleep

  •  Prevention of cramps and constipation

  •  Improvement on weight gain (mainly with premature babies)

  •  Strengthening of immunological system

  •  Improvement of body awareness

  •  Assistance on motor skills development

  •  Reduction of stress when teething

You are the best person to massage your baby.
Shantala is a bonding technique. There's not better way to bond with your baby than through touch. Our one-on-one, hands-on classes take place in the comfort of your home, and we have several packages available to best meet your availability and needs.
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