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Benefits Shantala brings to your family

Shantala can bring many benefits, not only for the baby, but for the parents as well. Here is all the benefits that this practice can bring to your baby and your family!


-Encourages bonding;

-Improves quality of sleep;

-Relives and prevents gas, colic and constipation;

-Benefits nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, muscular, endocrine and digestive systems;

-Increases immunological resistance;

-Promotes relaxation;

-Reduces stress and releases tensions from stimuli;

-Increases body awareness;

-Improves muscle tone and coordination;

-Helps with postpartum depression;

-Provides a moment for one-on-one quality time;

-Increases caregiver's confidence and better understanding of infant cues.

Knowing all that, how could you not want to massage your baby every day?!

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