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New beginnings!

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Hi all!

It has been so long since I came here, so much has happened... But the biggest and most amazing news are: I have a baby! A 14 month old baby boy that transformed me in any and every way possible! These past 14 months have been the most rewarding, challenging, awesome, hard and crazy months of my life... and I am a new person, a new professional, thanks to him.

Lucca was planned and so wished! Joey (my husband) and I decided to start to trying to conceive in December 2019. On February 14, 2020, I got my positive test, lots of nausea, a certainty that I was expecting a baby boy, and a happiness that is impossible to describe!

My pregnancy was uneventful - if that is possible with a pandemic and me trying to finish my births to graduate before I delivered! In April we told our families about the pregnancy, and found out that indeed, a baby boy, our Lucca, was on the way!

In July, I finished all my required births and got the privilege of staying home preparing everything for my home birth and the postpartum months. I will tell my birth story later, but long story short: Lucca was born via cesarean section, at 41 weeks and 6 days, after 13 hours of labor at home, a transfer to the hospital, more 8 hours in labor and many, many hours of pushing. He was in the ICU for 3 days (another story for another day!), and when we got home, the adventure really started.

Our postpartum made me learn so much, and it became my passion. I am truly transformed by everything I experienced these past few months, and to be honest, I feel that only now I am leaving my postpartum behind.

So I will slowly transition back to working part time, because I want to provide to women tools that were so helpful to me... and Shantala was (and still is) one of them. So here I am, away from my baby for the first time (longest 3 hours of my life!), hoping that I will be able to help many other families in this beautiful and yet challenging time of their lives!

Me and my Lucca at 13 days postpartum!

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