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When Shantala creates friendships...

I believe that everything in our life happens for a reason. A couple years ago, my husband and I were trying to find a puppy to give to my sisters-in-law for Christmas. After months of looking for the perfect one, I found Nana on Facebook selling the cutest puppies ever. As soon as we met, I felt like I knew her for a long time. Nana is one of those people that have a big heart, that is always there for you, and meeting her felt like I was home (and not only because she is also Brazilian!).

During our conversation, Nana mentioned that her 7 month old daughter, Valentina, had problems sleeping. We spoke a little bit about routine and about a few things that she could change to help and I also offered her my Shantala private course. I went to their house a few weeks later and we had a blast. Valentina wasn’t really happy at the beginning (we all know that 7 month olds want to explore the world), but as soon as Nana started to sing to her, she stopped and received the massage while looking into her momma’s eyes. It was beautiful, and I feel very lucky to witness that moment!

From there, we ended up becoming friends, and oh!, how amazing is the opportunity to see a baby growing! I saw Valentina starting to walk, talk, and become an independent and smart little girl, that conquer everybody with her sweet smile!

In the beginning of 2018, Nana told me that she was pregnant again! The craziest thing is that the night before I had dreamed that she was expecting! And with those news, she invited me to be her doula!

I have to say that I had many clients as a doula, but I never had been doula of a friend. I was also moving out of our city, but I agreed because I really wanted to be there for her in this moment that is so special. I will soon share with you her birth story!

Cuddling with Laura and Valentina on our last encounter!

Nana and her family just left a few weeks ago for another step of their journey! They will be far away from me (physically), but I know that they are a family that will always have a special space in my heart and memories. I always say that the main benefit of Shantala is the strengthening of the bonding for who does the massage (mom, dad, sibling, caregiver) and for who receive it (baby, toddler, child). What I have been realizing too during this years is that seeing this happening is amazing, and is a therapy for me. It soothes my soul, and each time I see my clients happy, I feel I am doing something right!

Nana, Rapha, Valentina and Laura, thank you for trusting my work and for allowing me to be part of many special moments of your life! You will always be a really important part of my journey!

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