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Why Shantala Therapy?

Hi all!

Happy New Year!

As you know, in 2020 I had my son, our Lucca, and dived deep into motherhood! I love being a mom, and for two years, I couldn't even think about doing anything else other than sit down on the floor and play with him, read stories, take him to playgrounds... I truly enjoyed motherhood!

But when he turned two, something changed. My husband asked me if I was interested in writing an encyclopedia entry about bonding. And that made me realize that I could still be Lucca's mom and do all the fun things I love, and also do other things. I felt I was finally getting out of my postpartum period and ready to start a new phase in my life!

Since then, I have been working on restructuring Shantala Therapy to reflect where I am now, who I am, since this big transformation. And one of the things that was bothering me, was the name of my company.

See, when I first started Shantala Therapy, I wanted it to be a company that could help me share with as many families this amazing tool that infant massage is. Shantala was the name of the mom that Frederick Leboyer learned the practice from, and I felt having her name as our company name would honor her and share her legacy. It felt right.

But now, since midwifery school and Lucca, there is so much more that I want to do, specially focusing on postpartum care (I have some very exciting projects on the making!), and I felt that Shantala Therapy was very limiting. So I was very torn about changing the name, because I love it, but I also didn't want to be so specific.

And then one day, I was scrolling on Instagram, when I see a post about the meaning of Indian names. And, sure enough, there it was - Shantala: calm, peaceful. Researching a bit more, I found out that also means Goddess Parvatti, a Hindu goddess of fertility and love that is often portraited as a love, nurturing mother.

Well, after learning all that, I could not even think about changing the name anymore. This is exactly what I want to bring to families: peace, calm, love. I want to educate parents and caregivers so they feel calm knowing they are doing their best and giving their babies all they need. I want families to feel confident, empowered, secure of their decisions. I want you to have peace, and support, and feel that you are the best parents your baby can have!

So, stay tuned! We will have lots of good things coming your way in this new season of my life! I am still adjusting to our new schedule, so bare with me... but I can guarantee it will be worthy!

I hope you all have a great week!



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