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Private Shantala Courses

Shantala Private Course
  • Course includes theory and practice, has duration of 3 hours and we will move according to baby's acceptance 
  • Instructional Booklet with all information from the course for reference
  • Oil sample
  • Tummy Tub demonstration
  • Investment: $300                                                                            
Customized Shantala Baby Development Plan
  • Personalized long-term service plan
    • Initial assessment: review of concerns and priorities
    • Adaptive services according to development of baby
    • Plan accommodates needs, wants, and growth of baby over time
  • One full year of service
  • Quarterly meetings every three months
  • Instructional Booklet
  • Surprise gift
  • One oil sample
  • 10% Discount on all oil orders
  • Tummy Tub service included

Group Shantala Course

Make it fun!

We know that motherhood can be lonely sometimes. With our Group Course, you can invite your mom friends and use this time to learn Shantala, share experiences and spend some adult time (chances are that babies will be sleeping after the course)! And if our scheduled classes don't work for you, don't worry! You can host them at your own place and invite your friends to enjoy this moment together! 
Our group course includes: 
  • Theory about benefits and practice 
  • Instructional handouts
  • Oil to be used during the practice provided
  • Investment: $200
We suggest not more than 5 babies per course.

Gift Card

Be original!

Do you want to surprise and give a gift that the parents / future parents will never forget? Do you want to give a gift that will last a lifetime?
We now offer the Shantala Gift Card! You can choose any of our packages and gift someone with something that will have a great impact on their lives!
The Gift Card is valid for one year since the day they got it, to be scheduled accordingly with their needs!
Message us for more information! 
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