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"Thank you very much for your time and for teaching us the Shantala techniques to help our baby Mauricio. You have that special connection with the babies."

— Edgar Corcino, Mauricio's dad

"I had the opportunity to learn Shantala through Barbara when my baby started having trouble sleeping during the day. But the greatest benefit was not just the improvement of her quality of sleep, but the experience of touching her, looking deeply into her eyes and experiencing a totally different way of love - through the touch! I highly recommend Shantala and thank Barbara for giving me this opportunity!"

— Fernanda Poloni, Bianca's mom

"As a mom, 4 times over it was so exciting to learn new ways to soothe a baby and ways to connect with our babies. Babi is so sweet and talented! I wish all mommies could meet with Babi after delivering a baby! Our babies loved the massage, after delivering twins 2 months premature, it seemed like an extension of what I would have liked to learn from the physical therapist at the hospital."

— Araceli Thiele, mom of Carolina, Ben, John and Severo

"Beatriz cried a lot during the nights and had cramps, but the massage helped her a lot to relax, improve her sleep and helped to prevent more cramps and constipation. Barbara was amazing, dedicated, and is possible to see her passion while she works. I really appreciate all the attention and support she has offered to us."

— Marcela Coppola, Beatriz's aunt

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